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Ecofin's Sustainability Matters Podcast Ep 11: Guest Rehana Nathoo, CEO and founder of Spectrum Impact brings a great outlook to the table

Episode Summary

In this week's episode of the Sustainability Matters Podcast, Greg and Joe are joined by Rehana Nathoo, CEO and founder of Spectrum Impact, an advisory firm focused on helping individuals and institutions design and implement their impact intentions. Based in New Orleans, Rehana brought a fantastic outlook to the table and we had a great discussion including, what Spectrum Impact does and how Rehana started her journey in impact in Africa with the United Nations. How her time in wealth management helped prepare her for what she does now, generational differences and interest in impact. How there is no Silver Bullet in impact and sustainability and how the Tent of Sustainability should be opened up to EVERYONE. While, of course, discussing King Cake and New Orleans hidden gems. Be sure to find us on Spotify and Apple by searching "Ecofin Podcasts" and subscribe!